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Parent Participation & Concerns

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Parent Participation

We invite parents to become involved with the Preschool, at a level that they feel comfortable, and work with the Preschool educators to enhance our daily program.

We ask parents to share an interest, talent or hobby. Do you enjoy painting, carpentry, sewing, or even play an instrument? These are all terrific skills that could contribute to our Preschool day.

We recommend that when you come to Preschool (if time allows) play a game, read a story and participate in discussions. Our Parent Roster, located in the sign in area allows parents to participate in our program.

Any increased parental involvement enriches the program.  We will provide Parents with information about in-service courses which they are invited to attend, any information nights and guest speakers. There are posters, brochures and displays available to provide information to families.

Parent Concerns

Parents with concerns are asked to speak with the Director. The Director will then investigate the matter. The Director will arrange a quiet place and time for consultations between parents and staff members; it is our policy that any issues that may be distressing are not discussed in the hearing of the children. Every attempt will be made to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory to all parties. Should you feel that your concerns have not been adequately addressed at a Preschool level please contact:


Management Committee

President –

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome please contact:

Department of Education and Communities

New England Office Armidale

Ph: 02 6772 2106


Or our Regulatory Authority


1300 422 327

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