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Explore, Discover
& Learn

Our environment offers an extensive

range of learning areas where children can

explore, discover and learn as they play

Important Stages

We believe that early childhood education is an important and valuable stage in the lifelong learning process, crucial to the growth and development of each child.

Educators & Guardians

As Educators we see ourselves as guardians of childhood and children’s natural interests, 

and partners with families and community.

Honouring Our Original Custodians

We believe in acknowledging the original custodians of this land the Jukambul people and their language. We value and honour diversity, accept and celebrate differences in other people.

Valuing Uniqueness

We value all children for their uniqueness and view them in the context of their family and within the wider community.

Encouragement & Respect

All children need encouragement and deserve respect, all have an ability to learn and learn best in an environment where they feel

a strong sense of belonging.

Team Work

In fostering a team approach all Educators work together with a shared vision and common core belief to protect and nurture our most precious gifts – our children and the planet.

Recycled Paper

From the Parents

Recycled Paper

“Tenterfield Preschool is a very nice place. They are very friendly and involved. They have done an excellent job nurturing my child and teaching her skills she will need to commence into the next stage of her life.”

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